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Fisher-price Chicken Dance Elmo

Chicken Dance Elmo4 Star Rating
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Chicken Dance Elmo Is Without A Doubt Sweet

Your kids will delight in this Chicken Dance Elmo made by Fisher-price. I believe you will love that it offers this feature, while singing elmo moves his legs and flaps his wings. Other highlights consist of sure to make you laugh out loud and he sings the lyrics to the song. The Elmo doll is 5" Height x 12" Length x 9" Width. To see the low price I uncovered, visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button below.

fisher-price chicken dance elmo little ones

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Little ones will love singing and dancing with the Chicken Dance Elmo doll. Imported. 14Hx9Wx7D"Just press his feet to put him in motion, then join your kids in the fun. Watch them flap their arms and waddle like a chicken as Elmo dances and sings a chicken song.

Elmo has certainly sold out. The fuzzy suit is bright yellow with a white chest, orange feet, and a red comb on the hood. The fuzzy red Muppet is dressed up in a chicken suit, with only his red face and hands showing. His arms flap and his knees bounce up and down as he sings the lines,"Elmo wants to develop to be a chicken, Elmo wants to develop to be a duck"for the familiar, but annoying, tune. Note that these two actions are the only ones Elmo does; there is no volume control, repeatedly hitting a button will trigger a"rap effect,"along with the body beneath the chicken suit is challenging plastic, which hurts his huggability aspect. Press the button on his proper foot and Elmo will cluck like a chicken and move his head. Push the button on Elmo's left foot and his high-pitched voice encourages small ones to do the Chicken Dance with him. --Pam Lauer

Features List

  • Sure to make you laugh out loud
  • While singing Elmo moves his legs and flaps his wings
  • He sings the lyrics to the song
  • Kids will love playing with Chicken Dance Elmo
  • Elmo is dressed in a cute chicken suit
  • Dimensions: Height: 5" Length: 12" Depth: 9"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 6.2" Length: 15.3" Width: 10.7"
  • Package Weight: 2.45 lbs.

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